Customer 1: We have had good success with your products thanks to XXX. I think the quality and pricing is good and we want to learn more about GI so that we can better promote the products and learn about other products too.

Customer 2: Already got some in. They are fantastic. I love the mounting kits. Well thought out..

Customer 3: I prefer to use Green Inova – as I trust your quality – and we have had a good relationship. I simply did not know you had such a product. It was not on our list of fixtures from GI! If I knew GI sold that type of item – I would not even have asked other companies to quote!

Customer 4: ***, we'd need some great pricing for these canopys, old style, and low profile to switch a long time supplier, but we know green inova, we like their porducts, and we've had great success, so I think it would be a great match.

Customer 5: I got them and they look great. I'm sure my client will like them.

Customer 6: ** I have not received the current orders from you, but I have trust that what you sell is good stuff.  I will be ordering a lot of product from you 

Customer 7: We have tested all 3 samples. We recognize your product is better quality and a better warranty

Customer 8: Can you send me some pictures of the fixture so I can make a sell sheet for my reps.  They are excited about the product but can't sell it without any more info.  Please send me whatever you can 

to help them sell the new canopy.  

Customer 9: Hi **, I don't have any but next time I’m there I will get some. The customer is very happy with the results :)  Hope to have more orders soon…

Customer 10: Hi **, We do like your wall packs, easy to install, some lights works well for a month now.

Customer 11: I prefer the E26 6watt LED because it is shorter in length. The GX23's are perfect.

Customer 12: Based on our past experience with you and your company and product performance, we would like to consider you as our sole supplier for high bays going forward. We look forward to 

expanding our relationship and business opportunities with Green Inova Technologies.

Customer 13: I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work over the past 2 years. Green Inova has become the benchmark of our LED business and as we move forward and grow I know that your company will be at the heart of it all. You are a credit to your company.

Customer 14: We really like your products and we get calls all the time from other distribution houses and contractors.

Customer 15: Thanks as always for your quick response. We are happy so far with Green Inova and see only good things for us in the near future. Keep up the great work.

Customer 16: We are literally turning all of our retrofit business over to Green Inova. As you can see, we are turning business over to you.

Customer 17: This is awesome…thanks so much. Many more orders to come. Your service is terrific.

Customer 18: Fantastic responses and we’re happy to have started our relationship with your company. You will see good business from us

Customer 19: I just wanted to thank you in a big way for going out of your way...... your a very good man and professional!!

Customer 20: Thank you for your great support. This gives us a lot of confidence to promote and sell more of your products!

Customer 21: We are all excited about where we can take this relationship and want to thank you for your quick response so far. This is exactly the response time we look for with quality products.  

Customer 22: Just thought you might want to article on energy efficiency with our utility company..we use all Green Inova lighting

Customer 23: Fantastic reply. Can’t imagine other companies doing the same. Thank you Justin./ We are with the right peoples at Green Inova.

Customer 24: We really like working with you, your products are very good, so we want to try and sell more in the USA.